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  • How will your counselling progress?

    How will your counselling progress? How does anybody know it is progressing rather than just happening? Nobody wants to throw their time and money at something that doesn’t deliver, after all. I think it mostly depends on what’s happening in the room between counsellor and client – at any one time – rather than there being any generalised formula to rely on, a one-size-fits-all checklist you can consult after each session. I know, I know, that sounds like a cop out but it’s true – it all boils down to what happens between two people – or more if it’s couples therapy we’re talking about – in a room, alone together, for an hour. Bit vague?

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  • What happens in counselling?

    So what happens when you come to counselling?

    I was talking to a friend recently who’d asked about my work and she’d wondered, if she went to a therapist, whether she’d get to lie on a couch and if she’d be expected to cry. Well I’ve a nice comfy sofa and a couple of chairs in my practice at home and some more chairs at the clinic in Norwich where I’m also part of a practice, and if someone really wanted to they could lie down…but no one is ‘expected’ to cry (but you can if you want) – or to do anything in particular.

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